College Football – So Who Is Really Overrated? Hawaii (8-0) or Washington (2-6)

I just love to pick on Hawaii, I guess because the Warriors are such an easy mark to spot as a grossly overrated team.

All season I have been saying that Washington (Hawaii’s last opponent this season) has none of the stats but is a better team and will beat Hawaii on its home turf December 1 in pineapple land.

Heck, sometimes I forget Hawaii is part of the United States. Perhaps because, like Alaska, is not part of the contiguous United States.

A quick check of the 2003 Time Almanac says Hawaii “is a 1,523-mile chain of islets and eight main islands.” I am abashed (disconcerted) to learn that Hawaii’s population is 41% Asian, 24% white, only 9% Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders, and 26% other less-populated races.

Nonetheless, the Hawaii Warriors have given everyone something to cheer about. They are:

1) Unbeaten at 8-0 and rated No. 12 in the AP Top 25 Poll and No. 14 in the BCS Standings.

2) They are leading the Western Athletic Conference with a 5-0 record and are due for an amazing showdown when they host Boise State November 23. Boise State is 4-0 in the WAC standings, 7-1 on the season (their only loss is to Washington), ranked No. 21 in the AP Poll and No. 22 in the BCS Standings.

I secretly hope that Boise State routs Hawaii but do not tell the fans in Hawaii since this admission is just between you and me. Boise State is ranked No. 39 in the Sagarin Ratings and Hawaii is No. 41. Hawaii should be favored over Boise State since the Warriors are at home.

3) Hawaii averages more than 50 points a game and ranks No. 1 among 119 Division I-A schools in Scoring Offense.

4) I would think that playing in the WAC Conference Hawaii’s defense would be soft yet the Warriors are only giving up 22 points a game and rank No. 41 among 119 teams in Scoring Defense.

All of this is pretty heady and impressive yet when I look at its strength of schedule I see Hawaii ranks 163rd in Sagarin’s Ratings.

This means Hawaii’s opponents have been collectively worse than all 119 Division I-A schools and worse than 44 Division 1-AA schools. There are 242 schools in Division 1-A and 1-AA.

I keep asking myself, “How can this team be the 12th best team in the countryufabet ทางเข้าบอลสเต็ป among 242 schools?” My answer is it cannot.

As 1 of only 5 undefeated teams left among 119 Division 1-A schools, I recognize that going 8-0 is no mean feat. If the other 114 teams in Division 1-A have not done it this season, you better believe it is not easy to do regardless of the competition.

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