Football Spread Offense – Learn How to Score 40 Points Per Game

I was talking with my good friend and former NFL player Bill Renner. He was the head coach at West Springfield High School in Virginia. They average over 43 points per game this past year using his Football Spread Offense. 5 Wide Attack Offense. So I asked him to tell me about his football spread offense. This is the second article about this football offensive formation.

Football Spread Offense5 Wide Attack Offense

In WW2, the allies used a specific three-step plan to liberate an island in the Pacific. They wanted to “soften up” or weaken the resistance by creating a problem for them to solve. Then, they wanted to “establish a beach head” or take control of a small area. Once this was in place they would then begin to establish the long process of liberating the rest of the island “one bit of territory at a time”.

“Soften Up” We must create a problem, an assault, for the defense to solve. Our short, precise passing game is the first problem, assault, we want to establish. At the high school level, there is not a lot of time spent defending the pass. The underneath LB level players spend 97% of their time practicing to defend the run. We want to attack them with short, precise pass routes that confuse them. We want them to be uncertain of which receiver is coming in their area and become stationary when the ball is snapped so we can run routes around them. We have three assault methods to soften up the defense. The short, precise passing game is our first attack method but the counter/zone runs and the play-action pass are also options to use if the pass is being defended. The opponent does not have time แทงบอลออนไลน์ to practice and get good defending all three of these attack options.

  1. Run Assault – Counter and Zone Runs
  2. Pass Assault – Dropback pass
  3. Pass/Run Assault – Play action pass

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