Protein: Essential for Weight Loss

In Part II of Build Muscle Mass – 6 Keys to Muscle Building Success, we discussed
the first threy muscle building keys:

1) The Proper Warm Up

2) Phase Training and the Proper Way to Cycle Your Training for More Muscle Building Results

3) The Proper Way to Use Variatio in Your Weight Training

The next three muscle building keys you can are as follows:

  • Use the Correct Muscle Building Exercises

I’m not going to tell you that, when used properly, semi-isolation exercises
like flyes, lateral raises, and concentration curls don’t have a place in a
proper weight training program. However, the key to adding lots of muscle
mass is using the best exercises as the foundation of your weight training
routine. This means exercises like the squat, deadlift, a variation of the
bench press (with a bar or dumbbells), Dips, Chins, some sort of shoulder press,

These multi-joint exercises should always be part of your program. There are
many different variations, both of the exercises themselves, as well as how
you perform them – number of sets, reps, rep speed, rest intervals, etc.

  • Word Harder, Not Longer

Weight training is not a marathon. It’s more like a sprint. Intensity and
duration are inverse to each other. The harder you work, the shorter your
weightlifting workout needs to be so that you can recover from your workout
before your training session, while also allowing enough rest time to grow
more muscle.

You recover and grow between training sessions, not whie you are working out.
You don’t want to look like a marathon runner, so don’t train like one.

  • Implement Intensity Techniques in a Proper Manner

While you want to make sure your intensity level is high, you don’t want
to go overboard and hit your muscles with so much intensity that they
can’t recover from the workout, let alone build more muscle mass.

A good way to use intensity techniques is to plan ahead and add them over
time, as part of your phase training. If you are going to work out hard
for a six week training cycle and then Crazy Nutrition downshift the intensity for a week
(or stay out of the gym completely for a week), consider starting to add
some intenity techniques in week four, a few more in week five and a
serious blasting week in week six. Then stay out of the gym for a week
to rest and recover.

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