Urgent Note to UConn Football – Recruit Kickers Next Year

When this year’s installment of UConn football ends, the Huskies need to place a classified ad in every newspaper around the country. It should be something like this:


– Place Kicker needed urgently

– Extra Points a must

– Field Goal accuracy a must

– Have the ability to make at least a 40-yard field goal

– Thick enough skin to take the abuse of UConn’s fan base

– Survive longer than a few games

Seriously, UConn has not had a good place kicker since the second Clinton administration, when the Huskies were still a Division I-AA football team and Memorial Stadium was still in use. Matt Nuzie has only managed to have one good year and still cannot make extra points, an absolute must for a team that has a hard enough time scoring to begin with. The last thing this team can afford is to give points back to teams like West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Louisville. Even games against teams like Cincinnati become an adventure when the kicker is unreliable. Granted, Nuzie has had ufabet เว็บแทงบอลมือถือ enormous pressure on him since he arrived on campus. As a Division-I kicker, however, he needs to be able to make the kicks. The Greg Vicidomino Experience was an utter bust Saturday, as he missed all three of his field goal attempts against Army in UConn’s 21-7 victory.

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